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WebHawk® is one integrated solution for all Cyber security needs. It has all
   security features that an organization needs to protect its network
         from all kind of outsider intrusions , viruses , hacks, ransomware.

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WebHawk® secures your business network from malicious activities, hacking and other
internal and external internet threats,better, faster, cheaper and easier,
than any other solution.


Welcome To WebHawk®


Content filtering in Webhawk® acts a shield between the Internet and a user's computer, blocking access from potentially objectionable or offensive material.


Admin can control all the activities on the Client system remotely.


We are providing App store for the systems that has less configuration for eg. less RAM, Processor and Hard disk than recommended then in this case Admin can install the App according to the systems compatibility.


Traffic/packet Inspection and Protection

Intrusion detection and prevention systems in webhawk® constantly watch your network, identifying possible incidents and logging information. It examines the pattern of each and every packet of network traffic and compare it with predefined patterns / rules defined by IPS.

Webhawk® DNS

Free of Cost For Personal & Official Use

webhawk® DNS filter out all malware, phishing, adult,porn,offensive contents emails containing links to infected web pages that then infect the organization's system or network. webhawk® DNS prevent from the ADs that includes malicious data, malware and scams ADs to provide ADs free web surfing
change your DNS server address to webhawk DNS : ""
& Enjoy The Free Filtering By Webhawk®



What WeOffer

WebHawk® act as a barrier or protective shield between your computer and the dangers of the cyber world.There are many features like –ISP LOAD balancing, Gateway Antivirus, Spam Prevention ,MITM Attack prevention, WebHawk® Monitoring.


MITM Attack prevention

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Anti Spam

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Webhawk® Monitoring

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Gateway Antivirus

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Internet Load Balancing

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OEM Solution

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Personalize and Protect

Make sure your customers can fully control all connected devices. Power your technology with artificial intelligence.


Guarantee Bandwidth for Business Critical Applications

Applying content filtering policies that blocks websites & activities such as streaming videos, media players, sites like YouTube, Video...

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Real-time Visibility, Logging and Reporting

You also have instant views with dashboards and charts that show the total number of files scanned and number of viruses detected over...

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Content Controls

WebHawk® let you block any access to web pages that you would not want your...

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Full-Featured Threat Prevention

Customizable settings enable you to quickly select full scan or quick scan options based on performance and threat detection requirements...

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  • 1.Server Security & Integrity

    With organization forever growing demand for more servers for data storage and running various business applications like... CRM, ERP, databases and so on, there is also a growing need to ensure their security. It becomes important for organization that once these servers become a part of their manufacture environment.

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  • 2. Safeguard Your Family

    With WebHawk® Parental control, you can finally control what your kids access online. Set time limits, schedules, and sites that are permitted... Apply access policies to any or all devices.

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  • 3. Ensure Privacy

    A hacker can trick you into visit a malicious site and get access to your email account, hack your cameras, and steal your photos. Showing and ... unsecured devices mean it’s a matter of when, not if, you will be hacked.

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  • 4. Protect Your Finances

    Hackers can access your finances by exploiting security flaws in your connected devices. They sell your banking data to fraudsters. A hacker... could cost you everything.

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