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WebHawk® is a simple, elegant, integrated solution for all
                your cyber security needs. It includes

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WebHawk® secures your business network from malicious hackers and other internal and external internet threats, better, faster, cheaper and easier, than any other solution.


Welcome To WebHawk®

WebHawk®secures your business network from malicious hackers and other internal and external internet threats,
better, faster, cheaper and easier, than any other solution.


Follow our step-by-step setup guide, or call our support to activate WebHawk®.


One WebHawk® will protect and control all your home devices, from laptops to smartphones.


Home or away, control your WebHawk® with an iOS or Android smartphone app.

Traffic Inspection and Protection

Webhawk® Examines Network Traffic, One Packet At A Time, For IPS Signature. Intrusion detection and prevention systems constantly watch your network, identifying possible incidents and logging information about them, stopping, and reporting them to security administrators.

Webhawk® DNS

For Free Home & Personal Cost

webhawk DNS filter out all malware, phishing, adult,porn,offensive contents emails containing links to infected web pages that then infect the organization's system or network. webhawk DNS prevent from the ADs that includes malicious data, malware and scams ADs to provide ADs free web surfing
change your DNS server address to webhawk DNS : ""
& Enjoy The Free Filtering By Webhawk


What WeOffer

WebHawk® is a leader in high quality OEM internet content filtering solutions and provides its OEM Web Filtering technologies and URL filter database to Internet Security manufacturers or providers (including VARs, Resellers, and others) that source their Internet Web Filtering databases and technologies from OEM providers such as McAfee/Secure Computing, RuleSpace, or WebSense and retail providers such as Open DNS and others.

Connect With Your Router

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Business-Level Internet Security

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Parental Controls

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For All Devices

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Blazing Fast

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Mobile App

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Personalize and Protect

Make sure your customers can fully control all connected devices. Power your technology with artificial intelligence.

Advanced Device Identification

Accurately identify 95% of devices on the network within 24 hoursAccurately identify 95% of devices on the network within 24 hours

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AI Security

Proactively protect against malware, phishing, remote access attempts

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Content Controls

Provide end-users with tools to manage all devices, add filters and usage rules

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Network Analytics

Personalize your service with customized recommendations

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  • 1.Server Security & Integrity

    With organization forever growing demand for more servers for data storage and running various business applications like... CRM, ERP, databases and so on, there is also a growing need to ensure their security. It becomes important for organization that once these servers become a part of their manufacture environment.

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  • 2. Safeguard Your Family

    With WebHawk® Parental control, you can finally control what your kids access online. Set time limits, schedules, and sites that are permitted... Apply access policies to any or all devices.

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  • 3. Ensure Privacy

    A hacker can trick you into visit a malicious site and get access to your email account, hack your cameras, and steal your photos. Showing and ... unsecured devices mean it’s a matter of when, not if, you will be hacked.

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  • 4. Protect Your Finances

    Hackers can access your finances by exploiting security flaws in your connected devices. They sell your banking data to fraudsters. A hacker... could cost you everything.

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