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About Us


WebHawk® acts as a barrier between your company and the dangers of the cyber. It prevents spoofing & dangerous malware from getting in and out of your computer systems and going through your corporate data.

WebHawk® secures your business network from malicious hackers and other internal and external internet threats, better, faster, cheaper and easier, than any other solution.

Webhawk® is mainly configured as the dns server for your network and comprehensive filtering and security features have been set in it to secure your network over the internet. It has all the features that an oragnisation needs to protect its network from all kind of ousider intrutions , viruses , hacks, ransomeware etc.


Personalize and Protect

Make sure your customers can fully control all connected devices. Power your technology with artificial intelligence.


Guarantee Bandwidth for Business Critical Applications

Applying content filtering policies that blocks websites & activities such as streaming videos, media players, sites like YouTube, Video and AD’S increases bandwidth and Internet browsing speed.


Real-time Visibility, Logging and Reporting

You also have instant views with dashboards and charts that show the total number of files scanned and number of viruses detected over a set period of time i.e WebHawk® provides real-time logging and reporting capabilities.


Content Controls

WebHawk® let you block any access to web pages that you would not want your employees to access by blocking the category or individual page.


Full-Featured Threat Prevention

Customizable settings enable you to quickly select full scan or quick scan options based on performance and threat detection requirements. You can also choose to allow (log only), block, or drop questionable traffic based on type, user, group, protocol, and severity, as well as set alerts when IPS detects threats.